Pet Fit Club

The UK’s biggest and most successful pet slimming competition is back!

We’ve chosen 7 of the most obese dogs, cats and rabbits from across the country to take part in the six-month diet and exercise programme to lose weight and enjoy a happier, healthier future.

We all love our pets. But sometimes we need a helping hand to make the right decisions, especially about diet and exercise! This is where Pet Fit Club comes in, with owners receiving expert advice from PDSA vets and tailored diet programmes to get their pets back in shape.

Since its launch in 2005 it has helped 78 dogs, 34 cats and 7 rabbits lose a total 68 stone 9lb - equivalent to a grand piano or 192 Chihuahuas.

Who will be crowned winner of Pet Fit Club 2017?

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Check out this year’s line-up of overweight dogs, cats and a rabbit participating in Pet Fit Club 2017
Meet the Finalists

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