A snip of a gift!

£20 buys scissors, for important little clips and snips.

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Pet Saving Gifts

A snip of a gift!

£20 can pay for a pair of scissors, so that our vets can carry out important procedures like neutering.

We all know someone who appreciates a tongue-in-cheek gift, but this light-hearted offering comes with a very important message. One of the most significant things you can do to save cats and dogs from preventable diseases is to neuter them. As well as unwanted pregnancies, neutering can help prevent often-fatal diseases and tackle a range of undesirable behaviours. 

So why not get the ball rolling with our cheekiest gift? It really is the dog’s doo-dahs!

How scissors helped Max

Majestic Max from Middlesbrough was saved by one of our savvy vet nurses after a visit to one of our roving PetCheck vehicles. A health check revealed a suspicious lump on Max’s testicles and a swift referral to our Pet Hospital was made, where Max’s manly bits were removed, along with the nasty lump. 

Because you love animals, why not give the PDSA Pet Saving Gift of a pair of scissors, to help our vets carry out important procedures like neutering.

As the UK’s leading veterinary charity, PDSA relies on the kindness of the public to provide 2.7 million treatments to 470,000 pets each year. 

Your Pet Saving Gift really will make all the difference.

All donations go towards helping our vets get poorly pets back on their paws.