It's a wrap!

£5 will help us wrap up dozens of poorly paws.

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Pet Saving Gifts

It's a wrap!

£5 can help us buy 10 metres of bandages; to help poorly pet patients get back on their paws.

From wrapping up legs after blood tests to bandaging surgical wounds, this gift of 10 metres of veterinary bandages will help our vets and vet nurses keep sick and injured cats, dogs and small pets well-bandaged and back on the road to recovery. 

How 10 metres of bandages helped Bruno

Poor pup Bruno got himself into a very sticky spot after he escaped from his owner’s front door and ran into the road, where he was knocked over by a passing car. He was brought into our Quinton Pet Hospital, where x-rays revealed a nasty break in his front leg. After surgery to put metal pins in Bruno’s leg, he was bandaged up nice and tight to help his young bones to heal.  

Because you love animals, why not give the PDSA Pet Saving Gift of 10 metres of bandages – to help poorly pet patients get back on their paws.
As the UK’s leading veterinary charity, PDSA relies on the kindness of the public to provide 2.7 million treatments to 470,000 pets each year. 

Your Pet Saving Gift really will make all the difference.

All donations go towards helping our vets get poorly pets back on their paws.

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