Let sleeping dogs lie

£10 buys anaesthetic for a day at a Pet Hospital.

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Let sleeping dogs lie

£10 will go towards providing enough anaesthetic to support a day’s surgery at a PDSA Pet Hospital, helping our veterinary teams perform a whole host of treatments.

From dogs, cats and rabbits, to the occasional chinchilla – a whole host of poorly pets come through our days each day. Anaesthetic enables our vets to carry out a range of procedures including neutering, stitches and surgical removal of foreign objects. This gift will buy enough anaesthetic to support a day’s surgery at one PDSA Pet Hospital. 

This gift will buy 
enough anaesthetic to support a day’s surgery at one PDSA Pet Hospital

How anaesthetic helped Charlie

Loveable Charlie found himself in deep water after he gobbled down a peach stone, a pebble and a wooden mouse! Charlie’s owner Paul took him to our Leicester Pet Hospital when the poor pooch was feeling under the weather. An x-ray revealed the truth about Charlie’s secret eating and he was rushed into emergency surgery to remove the items, which were causing a potentially fatal blockage inside his intestines.  

Because you love animals, why not give the PDSA Pet Saving Gift of a day’s worth of anaesthetic to support surgeries at a PDSA Pet Hospital.

As the UK’s leading veterinary charity, PDSA relies on the kindness of the public to provide 2.7 million treatments to 470,000 pets each year. 

Your Pet Saving Gift really will make all the difference.

All donations go towards helping our vets get poorly pets back on their paws.

Charlie Card