Sounds purrfect

£50 will help buy a stethoscope, so our vets never miss a beat.

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Sounds purrfect

£50 will help us buy a stethoscope – an important piece of equipment no vet or vet nurse could do without.

Listening to a pet’s heartbeat can give our experienced vets important clues as to why they might be feeling under the weather. This gift of a stethoscope – an essential piece of equipment – will help them tune in to a heartbeat or listen to a chest and diagnose any underlying problems.

How a stethoscope helped Scruffy

When 12 year-old moggie Scruffy was diagnosed with diabetes, her owner Verna knew she had a long road ahead of her. The usually playful cat became withdrawn and sluggish and when Scruffy refused her breakfast, Verna knew something was badly wrong. Our vets listened to her heartbeat and ran tests, before confirming that the root cause of Scruffy’s problem was diabetes. As well as regular medication to keep her blood sugar under control, Scruffy also needs monthly health checks with our vets, where a stethoscope helps check her vital organs are working properly and she’s not suffering as a result of this often debilitating disease.

Because you love animals, why not give the PDSA Pet Saving Gift of a stethoscope – a vital piece of equipment no vet or vet nurse could do without. 

As the UK’s leading veterinary charity, PDSA relies on the kindness of the public to provide 2.7 million treatments to 470,000 pets each year. 

Your Pet Saving Gift really will make all the difference.

All donations go towards helping our vets get poorly pets back on their paws.