What’s up doc?

£25 will buy an instrument to remove painful bunny teeth.

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What’s up doc?

£25 will pay for an extraction instrument, to help our vets remove painful, overgrown and rotten teeth from our bouncy four-legged friends.

Unlike most animals, rabbits’ teeth just keep on growing! If they don’t keep their teeth trim through gnawing they can get too long and can start to cause real problems, leaving a bunny hopping in pain. This gift of an extraction instrument will help our vets remove these overgrown or rotten gnashers.

How an extraction instrument helped Storm

Storm is still going about his bunny business, thanks to the gift of an extraction instrument. Like many people, Storm’s owner didn’t know that rabbit ‘museli’ (a mix of seed and flakes) is actually bad for bunnies as it doesn’t wear their teeth down or contain the nutrients they need. 

Our vets see this a lot, it meant that Storm’s teeth grew too long and started to painfully dig into his tongue and cheeks – at which point rabbits will stop eating completely. 

Luckily, Storm’s owner noticed his loss of appetite straight away and brought him into our Coventry Pet Hospital, where vets acted quickly to remove the painful incisors. Storm now eats his bodyweight in grass or hay everyday, which helps to keep those teeth at bay!

Because you love animals, why not give the PDSA Pet Saving Gift of an extraction instrument, to help our vets remove painful teeth from our bouncy four-legged friends. 

As the UK’s leading veterinary charity, PDSA relies on the kindness of the public to provide 2.7 million treatments to 470,000 pets each year. 

Your Pet Saving Gift really will make all the difference. 

All donations go towards helping our vets get poorly pets back on their paws.